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Dust collector ::


The WP baghouse filter is built for large industrial dust collection applications and requires a support structure. This filter is a primary dust collector with bag section on top which uses reverse air for cleaning of the bags. Dust is pulled from inside the bags and blown back into the cyclone section at the bottom of the primary filter.

Filter Size
Total Square Feet of Cloth
Total CFM at 8:1 Air-to-Cloth Ration
Total CFM at 6:1 Air-to-Cloth Ratio
Body Diameters
90 1,178 9,424 7,068 7"
108 1,414 11,312 8,484 7"
128 1,675 13,400 10,050 9"
200 2,618 20,944 15,708 9"
246 3,220 25,760 19,320 11"
318 4,163 33,304 24,976 11"
388 5,078 40,624 30,486 13"
460 6,021 48,168 36,126 13"
558 7,304 58,432 43,824 15"
630 8,247 65,976 49,482 15"
732 9,582 76,656 57,492 18"
860 11,257 90,056 67,542 18"

Considering a Dust Collection System?


A complete dust collection system will improve indoor air quality by removing dust from a series of work stations, machines and tools. Furthermore, one large centrally ducted dust collection system addresses the need for using an industrial air cleaner on each workstation.

One large central dust collector system can often do the work of dozens of smaller, individual air cleaners, providing complete industrial plant dust collection for the entire facility.

Central dust collection systems generally consist of large media dust collectors (such as cartridges or bag houses) with an inertial separator used as a pre-sorter (such as a cyclone or drop out box). The pre-sorter removes large chips, and then the media filtration removes fine particles. Large chips are collected in bins or drums.

Filtration media often uses some form of cleaning such as mechanical shaking or a sudden pulse of air that knocks built up dust cake from the filters. Electrostatic precipitators are rarely used for large dust collectors, since they do not have the capacity to store a large volume of dust. Though, electrostatic air cleaners are frequently used alongside central systems to clean atmospheric background dust that is not captured by the ducted system.


Advantages of a Central Dust Collection System ::


Waste Removal: As dusty air is filtered, waste dust is collected in bines, drawers or hoppers. Waste removal from one location verses many locations is easier and thus more cost effective.


Equipment Cost: Often the deciding factor when choosing a dust collection solution. Depending on the cost of ductwork and installation, a central dust collection system can initially cost less than purchasing 12 or more individual dust collectors.


Filter Replacement: Replacing filters from 12 or more separate machines will cost more than regular filter replacement of one large dust collector designed for heavy loads.


Energy Consumption: Your energy bill will be lower when powering one big dust collector than if you try to power a dozen or so dust collector motors.


Noise: Imagine the noise from 12 or more dust collector motors and blowers running in a work area. Now take that noise, put it all in one big motor / blower and tuck it away in its own area, away from workers.


Maintenance: You can go either way on maintenance. With multiple air cleaners, you have that many more parts to replace. With one central dust collector, you only have one set of components to maintain. On the other hand, if your central dust collection system goes down, all workstations go down.



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