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Fly ash bricks machine manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

       We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Fly Ash Brick Machines that can be availed by clients at industry leading           prices. Before developing this machines, we have tried out various plants. Our dissatisfaction with all those products have resulted into           our coming up with this upgraded range of machines. A that point of time, there were no plants, which could meet every requirement of a           brick plant. The imported plants however are more costly and are not economical for brick production. Brick industry in India is           conventional and is not updated as per current market needs. After analysing these problems, we have come up with our own brand of           brick making machines. We give support to various organisations to install and utilise this brick making plant and also offer the           following services:

Raw material survey & procurement system  
Survey for feasibility of project
Project report, study report & market survey report also given
Erection of plant & satisfactory production
We are bind to give repairing services to plant
Our aim is 100% utilization of fly ash product


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