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Khodiyar Infratech has a strong industry presence when it comes to manufacturing silo feeding systems for a wide range of concrete batching plants. We are one of the leading jumbo bag unloading system manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

As a reputed bulker unloading system manufacturer from Gujarat, we take pride in offering wide range of conveying systems designed for cement bulker unloading. We make use of twin tube, high volume and low pressure blower which enables effortless unloading of the bulkers without taking a lot of time. This advanced bulker unloading system takes not more than an hour’s time. With this, we no more have to rely on the availability of sophisticated compressor mounted bulkers.  This is one reason why we are a popular unloading system manufacturer. It saves considerable amount of money as well as time without compromising on the quality of services.

As a well-known bulker unloading system manufacturer, we are also well equipped at offering inclined and vertical screw feeding systems for silos and cement bag feeding systems. As opposed to other bulk and bag feeding systems, the attached electrical load of these systems is 1/5 for unchanged feeding rate. Thus, it offers a cost-effective solution with respect to electric power and tons of weight.
Khodiyar Infratech is one of the leading names for jumbo bag unloading system manufacturer. We offer flexible options of bulk cement feeding as well as bag feeding to our clients. Our products are eco-friendly and are not subjected to easy wear and tear. Many a times, it has been noticed that the traditional bulk feeding system or the bag feeding system’s true capacity is not utilized to the permissible extent owing to improper handlings. The systems operating with complete connected load however, the manual feeding rate falls short which leads to less rate of feeding even at high power consumptions.

As a responsible jumbo bag unloading system manufacturer, we ensure that that there is no capacity under-utilization owing to low manual feeding rate which consequently leads to wastage of connected power and thus, is a complete waste of money. Khodiyar Infratech is a reputed bulker unloading system manufacturer. The conveying system used by us is a blend of rationally justified manual feeding capacity and speedy bulker unloading. In this advanced system, the machine will consume electrical power only when manual feeding has started.
Khodiyar Infratech strives to be a the topmost bulker unloading system manufacturer by striving to better its production techniques with each passing day.

bulker unloading system   bulker unloading system


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