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          About us

      Khodiyar Infratech offers Total Solution of Granulation & Material Handling through its single most comprehensive         and innovative range of in-house designed products through its best team of technocrats. Our constant focus on research has led us to         provide a variety of high quality, innovative equipments & systems for material handling products in various industries.

  Our Ethics !!!

      Khodiyar Infratech since its inception has inherited a deep rooted value system which is inculcated in each of its members that are         reflected in their day to day life.

   Stretching, setting aggressive goals, rewarding progress, yet understanding accountability & commitment.

   Having enormous energy & the ability to energize others.

   Living quality, driving cost & speed for competitive advantage.

   Being open to ideas from anywhere & committed to work things out.

   Seeing changes as opportunities.

   Maximizing performance & maintaining results.


    Our Mission !!!


        It is our mission - the basis of our existence - to successfully develop, produce and sell high quality products         globally though our technical excellence, innovation and teamwork with contributing to better quality.

    Our Vision !!!

        Khodiyar Infratech aims at being a provider of cost effective and cutting edge solutions in the area of         pharmaceutical, food and construction processing with product and services that are unparalleled in the         industry.


   Technical Services !!!

       After consultation with a customer to arrive at system design and equipment specifications, customer's materials can be tested for flow          characteristics and other qualities under simulated conditions in the company's well-equipped test laboratory. Equipment designs are          rendered on CAD. Drawings can be provided on Disk. Complete installation, startup, operator training and follow-up support are offered.


   Our Service: To respond you within 24 hours !!!

         We are passionate about extraordinary customer service. We provide complete support to our customers regardless of the age of their          machines and where they are located. All technology updates will be fully retrofit table / replaceable onto existing machines to extend the          life and investment of our customers' equipment.

        The heart of our commitment flows from our highly skilled people dedicated to the design, manufacture, sales and service of         machineries. We provide the resources and working conditions to encourage the growth and development of every employee, so our         employees, in turn, offer their full commitment and talent serving our customers.

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